Using Guest Bloggers

Owners of a popular blog that has a massive follower can need to use guest bloggers on occasion. An example of where this activity may be a good idea is when a famous blog owner may not publish new blog entries for an extended period of time. In this case, the blog updates lack will cause the blog to lose traffic, making plans for a guest blogger or a series of guest bloggers to post new things during his absence would be wise for the blog owner. The blogger may wish to announce the intention during this time to use guest bloggers to ensure that regular blog followers are aware of the situation and that it is temporary only. The article would explore ways of using guest bloggers such as guest blogger ads, hiring guest bloggers, and compensating guest bloggers.

Advertising for Guest Bloggers

There are many ways a blog owner can advertise for guest bloggers. Job boards specifically designed for bloggers or freelance writers are a great way to find guest bloggers. Experienced bloggers regularly visit work boards for bloggers who are finding new ways to blog for pay. Such bloggers may have extensive experience with the blog subject matter or be skilled at producing informative blogs on various topics. Job boards are yet another excellent choice for freelance authors. Such authors may not have blogging experience but may have other valuable writing skills. Blog owners should consider posting a clear message outlining the type of work needed and the length of the project, and asking the writers for clips that can be used to check the writer’s ability level.

Blog owners may also want to advertise on message boards for guest bloggers concerning the blog topic. Visitors to this blog may not necessarily have written experience. They will undoubtedly be very informed about the blog topic and therefore be able to create exciting and informative posts.

Selecting Guest Bloggers

To ensure the guest blogger is trustworthy and willing to generate concise, insightful, and meaningful blog posts, a guest blogger’s selection should be made carefully. Blog owners who post on work boards for bloggers and freelance writers on behalf of a guest blogger will ask for clips demonstrating the writer’s ability to write engaging and insightful blogs. If promoting a guest blogger on a message board, the blog owner may want to consider using the applicant’s previous posts to determine his writing abilities and expertise on other subject matter. He should also find the form of response usually elicited from the applicant’s message board messages. It is relevant because it is a clear indicator of the type of answer the blogs will get. Blog owners should also ask for references from candidates. They should contact these references to collect details on the bloggers’ work ethics and project completion capability.

Compensating Guest Bloggers

Blog owners will always carefully think about whether they plan to make up for guest bloggers. It can be achieved in the form of financial rewards or by requiring the guest blogger to post a brief biography at the end of the blog post with a link to his personal website or blog. The latter form of compensation to the guest blogger is effectively free advertising space. The blog owner may want to make up for the guest blogger with a mix of money and free ad space. Regardless of the blog owner’s compensation form, this should be negotiated with the guest blogger before work starts. A written contract with the guest blogger should be entered into which the compensation terms are clearly specified to prevent conflicts.


Guest blogging is an easy way to attract new visitors to check out your site. Working with a variety of guest bloggers will secure new readers. The trick is for you to keep them coming back based on the quality of your content.

The main idea behind guest blogging is a win/win: you offer your platform to a guest blogger for them to share their opinions or expertise on a subject in return for access to your audience. By mixing the two crowds, you’re both hoping to attract fans from each community of followers.

The formula offers the obvious mutual benefits, but there’s also a need to be cautious with just who you want to write for you, too. From the viewpoint of Google, one can understand that guest articles like this will be troublesome. The content is of low quality, lacks insight, and is not linked to any real author. Many connections from these materials connect to spammy partner pages tailored for SEO.

The first thing you will want to do is find guest post opportunities. When looking for places to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry. Getting to know your target blog’s content is vital. Sure, you know they have content about the keyword you searched for while looking for guest post opportunities.

Guest blogging creates trust, too. If the content is published on reputable, credible pages, some of the confidence rubs off on you. Daily guest blogging will potentially make people view you as an authority and is perfect for your business’ credibility. SEO is one of the main ones when we think about the benefits of guest blogging. Creating links from high-quality websites is a significant factor in the SEO rating and can boost your site’s location in the search results pages.

To ensure that your guest post gets accepted, you will want to pitch the blog owner with topics that will do well with their audience. To get some good ideas of blog topics that will work with the website’s audience.

As long as the blogger is discerning and willing to spend time sorting — and editing — posts from outside sources, guest blogging can be a great source of valuable content for a blogger’s audience.

An essential part of editing any outside contribution is reviewing links within the content. You shouldn’t include a website link unless it makes editorial sense.

Finally, don’t forget that guest blogging can be a two-way street. It’s tough to maintain your blog content while guest posting on a lot of other blogs. So be sure to open an invitation for guest bloggers to write on your blog. This way, you can keep fresh content on your blog, add a new perspective for your audience, and hopefully get new readers from your guest blogger’s community. It’s a win-win situation!

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