Is Your Marketing Budget Unrealistic?

Language school marketing success has much to do with which kind of tools and strategies you can afford to use.

It is obvious that marketing will not fix problems if you have problems with the quality of the language services you offer. High quality and remarkable language student experiences are the base for successful marketing.
Assuming your language offers are excellent, the key question is: Do you see marketing only as a necessary evil or is it the motor that drives your success?
Language schools that see marketing as a necessary evil and that try to keep the marketing budget as small as possible, are heading in the wrong direction.

Marketing is really the motor that drives your success. It means if you have a more powerful motor, you can drive faster and reach your destination faster.
If you have a limited budget for marketing, getting help from volunteers and low-budget marketing strategies are only a crutch – it is like owning a very slow car.
It is obvious that in order to make better profits, you need to attract a large amount of traffic (real human visitors) to your websites and convert those potential customers into real buyers of your services.
You need to have a mobile-optimized, fast high-security website with excellent content written by professional writers that know how to present your offers so they look attractive and sexy. You need to pay for quality online ads that target the language student that is ready to buy – not people that are just “browsing around” and only dream of learning a new language “someday”. You need to have a marketing team that follows up with leads and calls people, in addition, to be highly responsive on social media to build trust in your company and in the services that you offer. All that will cost substantial money.
While nobody wants to spend more money on marketing than necessary – the question really is “what is the right amount of money to spend?”

ROI – return on investment is the key. If you can make more profit by spending the right amount of money, you should spend MORE money. The problem is that most business owners do not measure their results that come back from Internet marketing at all.
A lot of language business owners have unrealistic expectations when it comes to online marketing. They want to drive a Porsche for the price of a Hyundai.
Here is the – not so surprising – key insight:
What are your monthly income goals for your language services? How many students do you need to sign up for which products in order to make a healthy profit?
The goal should be to price your services in such a way that you are able to afford the necessary marketing activities that will then help you to meet your income goals – on an ongoing base.

Not everyone can start with a big marketing budget. If you have limited funding, by all means: try to leverage low-cost solutions in order to fund your marketing budget.
Our focus at is providing premium language marketing solutions starting at $600 per month that will help you meet your revenue goals.

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