The Six Best Blogging Niche Ideas

Do you know what the best blogging niche ideas are? Do you want to make money while writing a blog? This article will list the six best niche ideas for blogs and give suggestions for what to write in each category. With these ideas in mind, you can make a blot that is read by many people and makes a lot of money for you with its advertisements.

Frugal Living

Nearly everyone wants to save money, and many people need to know-how. That’s why frugal living is the top category of blog ideas. You could start a blog about coupons and where to get them, freebies, cutting down on expenses, and paying off debt. There are many resources for someone looking to learn the ropes of writing this style blog. One such resource is Frugal Living Tips: The Cheap Way to Live a Rich Life, an article that talks about cutting out extras in your life and gives links to other websites that offer ideas for becoming more frugal.

How to Make Money

Related to frugal living is another category, the “How to Make Money” blog. It is of interest to people because many are looking for a side job, a stay-at-home job, or even just something to work on during weekends. You could discuss topics like survey-filling, ghostwriting, selling crafts and baked goods, and jobs that can be done from home. The article, 32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home, will get you started on some ideas to write blog posts about. This article sketches out the thoughts but does not write a great deal about each one, so you could use these ideas and flesh them out for your blog.

Beauty and Fashion

Women love to talk about beauty products and how to look lovelier, but they are not the only group of people you could write for in this category. The trend used to be that men just threw on whatever clothes they grabbed or wore the same colored suit every day, but these days more and more men are interested in fashion and beauty products. Ideas for this category include beauty product guides, directions on how to apply makeup or dress snazzy, and the right jewelry to wear with different outfits. For this type of blog, you could also comment on news articles on the subject of beauty and fashion, such as those found at Elle magazine. There are many other fashion and beauty magazines out there if you do not like what Elle has to offer, and you need only look on the shelves of your nearest bookstore to find them.

Household How-To’s

People love how-to’s, and household how-tos are incredibly fascinating. The subject of your blog posts could be anything from crafting to chores to handyman tasks. The DIY Network is an excellent example of a website that writes articles on household how-tos. It is a trendy site with thousands of readers. By reading their materials, you can get an idea of how to write a household how-to blog. You could also get ideas for your own posts from this website or one of many others.


Democracy is about becoming educated about the government and who is doing what. For this reason, there are a ton of people looking for political blogs. Write about the happenings of the White House, candidates for governmental positions, or the workings of your state or city government. Sites such as NBC News can plug you into the goings-on of the government and help you come up with ideas for opinion or factual pieces. If you do not like NBC, try CBS or ABC. Of course, if you want to go global, you can also try the BBC for uncensored news about politics around the world.


Everyone has to eat, and there are so many who love to cook, bake, or eat that a food blog can be just the trick to making a successful site. You can talk about reducing waste in your cooking, how to lose weight, or exchanging recipes and making new ones. Visit the Food Network to get many ideas on topics you can discuss. Food is a significant part of most people’s lives, and you can definitely take advantage of that with a food blog.
In this article, six blogging niche ideas were listed to give you suggestions on what your blog should be about. There are many other niche ideas out there, though. Do you have any suggestions for people seeking to write a successful blog? Comment to tell us all about them!

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