Why Understanding SEO Yourself & Let Others Do Your Language School SEO Is The Key

There is the two-way fallacy of Internet Marketing for companies, and especially language school owners seem to fall for them. The first part is that Internet Marketing including SEO, search engine optimization, is so easy that you can do it yourself. And the second part the fallacy is the complete opposite: not knowing what SEO is all about and paying companies unrealistic low (very likely!) or unrealistic high amounts of money (for ridiculous scam offers promising to make you “Number One” in the search engines).
The only way not falling for scandalous Internet Marketing offers is to educate yourself – and my blog here at LanguageSchoolSeo.com is actually designed to do that.
While nothing on the Internet is really for free – even educating yourself (see also the article “Free Internet Marketing Advice is like free language training“) costs you a considerable amount of time that is otherwise very valuable, I keep repeating this fact over and over again: Only an educated and informed business owner can make smart business decisions.

And it is a known fact that very often business owners delegate Internet Marketing related tasks to managers or employees in the companies at levels that are at a great mismatch of their actual knowledge of web-based Marketing strategies and the real costs associated with it.
If you are such an employee try to talk to your superiors and ask them for a budget to get a complete language marketing evaluation (we offer this marketing analysis actually for $150). Don’t fall into the trap of pretending you have the necessary know-how already. It will cost the company a lot of money and in the end maybe even your job if you end up doing the wrong Internet marketing moves.
If you are a business owner yourself that did pay for Internet marketing in the past and did not see any results, be honest with yourself. Write a complete with at least 10-15 sentences of what you wanted to achieve and what strategies you did want to employ. Did you actually understand what was involved?
Did you buy for a very low budget something that is impossible to be done such as hiring cheap writers for €5 expecting the search engines will not notice that those texts are interesting for real human beings in the first place?
Did you buy for a very high price some magical solution that promised you to beat the competition and make dozens of sales practically overnight, not understanding how a company would practically pull that off for real?
What business owners soon learn when they really dive into the necessary details of Internet Marketing are two painful realizations.
Realization One: there is quite a lot of marketing activities involved, like paying for traffic to generate leads, writing high-quality content to attract real customers and get real recognition by the search engines with smart SEO and generating true trust with correct arranged combined social media with automated email marketing follow up.
Realization Two: it is impossible to be done all by yourself.
One great solution is that language schools hire Internet marketing experts that know how to drive paid traffic to specific offers of your language school and generate fresh new leads – we are here at LanguageSchoolSeo.com are specialized in this Pay Per Lead marketing model, that frees your time for following up already interested sales leads right away instead of getting involved in all technical details of making this all possible.
Read more about our specialized Language marketing services here and how we do it.