The Power Of Doors Open Days For Your Language School

The power of an open door.

Alone the image of a welcoming open door is a powerful psychological element. Inviting guests and friends is what the spirit of an open door symbolizes. And doing regular “Door Open Events” for your language school will bring down entry barriers for possible customers and students who might otherwise be too shy or too undecided to come to see your school “for a test visit” otherwise.
Doing open doors days will have a very healthy effect on your language school business overall. Just as inviting guests over to a private home might motivate some people to clean their own place more often and better.

The need to present your language school in the best possible light will force you to discover weak spots and polish and renovate not just interior aspects of your classrooms but will serve as a powerful drive to update all your systems and services that you present. This might include your own cafeteria or other essential areas besides the language school classrooms.
Hosting Doors Open Days is not that difficult, and only needs to have one theme: showing potential students how much fun it is to learn a new language with your language school.

You could provide free language skill evaluation tests as well – but make sure that nothing that you offer and do will appear like that you just do the Open Door Event just in order to sign up new students. That itself is a given and nobody will come over to your school not expecting that you will give out some relevant material for new future students.
But we as low key about it as you can do. Focus on the fun of learning with you. Be prepared to answer questions and offer sign-up forms of course if you have genuinely interested new customers – but keep it as much open-minded as you can.

You can, for example, use the psychological effect of “not knowing if someone passed the language test” and taking down the information and revealing the test results of a language test taken. This way you will keep up the interest in your school. Nobody would expect that you will be able to give out language school rest results at an Open Day Event. But this would create a powerful follow-up expectation so the possible students and customers would actually look forward to receiving the phone call from your school about the language test results.
A powerful idea for an Open Day Event is to host your own language game show, this is a powerful and fun event that will receive usually great public interest. See also our article “Free Publicity: Host A Fun Game Show At Your Language School“.

If possible, hold one or several mini language classes in your rooms to show and present different teachers and show how relaxed, fun but challenging it will be being in the language classroom yourself.
While we just mentioned above that you should focus on having a low-key marketing attitude towards the visitors of an Doors Open Day event, use the fun environment and try to create fun memories in visiting your language school and then give them a coupon that will provide value with a special offer only valid for a limited time for people who have visited the Doors Open Day event.
This should be an offer that is not mentioned anywhere else on your website or any of your other marketing materials. It should be something unique that looks like a genuine offer for people who took their valuable time to visit your language school.
This could be your entry to gaining new happy enthusiastic new language school students if you do it right.

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