5 Reasons To Love SEO as a Language School

While there is much to hate about SEO as mentioned at the previous article 5 Reasons To Hate SEO as a Language School today I will share why my enthusiasm in Search Engine Optimization never stopped over the last 15 years – and why you can benefit from the same excitement.

Here are those 5 reasons why you must absolutely love SEO for what it is: One of the essential Internet marketing elements that will bring your language school more qualified and better language students than ever before – in history!
Search engines got THAT much better and intelligent after all.
Let’s look at all five reasons why you should love SEO as a language school business.
Here they are:

Reason #1: SEO is reaching every customer personally
Reason #2: SEO is rewarding personal engaging content
Reason #3: SEO cannot be “stolen”
Reason #4: SEO is no longer a cheating game
Reason #5: SEO is making customers trust you more

While SEO was very technical in the past and a lot of so-called experts made many businesses believe that is possible to “become number one” for a specific search keyword that potential customers enter in their web browser – these times are long gone.

Reason To Love SEO #1: SEO is reaching every customer personally

Now in 2018 and beyond search engines know a lot about their users and if someone searches, let’s say, the two words “language school”, then 100 people searching those exact two words you will get 100 different individual search results.
Gone are the times where you could hope that “language school yourcity yourname” would show up within the first 5 top listings.
This will not happen anymore – but search engines will show highly relevant language school results based on the individual itself, including their current geographic location, what they have searched in the past for (if they have already researched your language school and visited your site, they would get a reminder).
So in our “new modern time” search engines will match your website with the surfing behavior of your potential customers.
That is why it is so important to have a website that is regularly updated with new interesting content. You can no longer “fake” relevant content by just copying a few “keywords” or text found on other websites. Your content needs to be unique, and interesting for potential students to spend time on your actual website.

Yes, search engines know how much time people spend on your website before they come back to search for things that are relevant to them – including websites of your direct competition.
And here is why “Reason to love SEO #1: SEO is reaching every customer personally” means that language schools that focus on providing constantly updated original and interesting engaging language student content will always win over language school businesses who neglect this and think they could “get away” with a stale website that gets updated once a year.

Reason To Love SEO #2: SEO is rewarding personal engaging content

While you can always use paid advertising in search engines to be shown on top and it will require you a solid marketing budget – natural SEO will always reward language schools that offer only language student content, that people share with others, post links to your language resources on social media and overall – engage with your language business information by liking, sharing, discussing and individually commenting about it.
You can not “fake” this user interaction and satisfaction. As a language school, you can only hire great writers and find exciting new topics that will inspire future language students to study with you.

Reason To Love SEO #3: SEO cannot be “stolen”

When you take the necessary steps creating and adding unique and personal content and language information this can’t be stolen by other language schools to “outrank” and “discredit” your language business.
Let’s compare it to a generic language article that you can easily copy and paste (with or without permission), like “The 5 most important phrases you need to know in any language”.
This is something that can be “stolen”.
Look at “How 1325 Students discovered at YourLanguageSchool the 5 most important phrases to find a volunteer job in any country” – that is some very unique content that can’t be easily stolen. In fact, if someone will copy it after you have posted it on your website you will be credited with being the original source. And you can track down with Google Alerts who actually copied your original content.
Such personalized content will be always rewarded by search engines and they will quickly learn where the origins came from.
It is important to note that search engines are smarter and smarter and will know both quickly over weeks, and long-term over months and years, who is the favored source for search engine users and will ditch “copycats” and “non-value” web pages fast.

Reason To Love SEO #4: SEO is no longer a cheating game

As it becomes clear from all the points above, there is no replacement for good high-quality information for your potential language students. Questions like “What kind of keywords do I need to add on my website?” and “How do I make people link to my website?” can be clearly ignored.
If you write and share information needed from your potential language students then people will automatically find your website. Language resource websites will link back to you if they are excited about the content you provide and this will leave to natural links and word-of-mouth customers with high chances of buying language services from you.

Reason To Love SEO #5: SEO is making customers trust you more

Customers are getting smarter because search engines are getting smarter – at least it looks like that to the potential customer.
In reality search engines display prominently content and resources that fit a “user profile” and what a customer has searched for in the past.
That is why it is so important to understand that the trust factor of your language information online is so crucial.
What you post on your own website needs to be found on social media and also on language resource websites alike.
The more people find your content on different sources on the Internet, the more likely Google and others will show your information over and over again to your potential students.
On the other hand, if your content is generic, outdated and simply boring, SEO will “punish” you and will avoid displaying your information – no matter what kind of “tricks” you still might want to try.
To wrap it up: WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE SEO is because it is by 2018 and beyond an almost proof-cheat way to see if your website does provide real benefits to end-users and consumers and this can’t be taken away by your competition – unless you just simply ignore all those 5 listed SEO facts in this article.