How to Get Links to Your Site and How to Get Them?

When it comes to B2B sites with quirky products, link building becomes an easy task. You can use any of the 12 kinds of links to get traffic in and out of your site. However, with an education based site, you need some special tactics and strategies to build links. Also, you need to focus on certain specific types of links more than others.

Authority Links

In order to get authority links, start off with the education and language directory in sites like Make sure you are looking for big terms with top rankings, such as state or city + language. For instance, ‘California French teacher’ and so on. Look for authority sites that are currently offering links out. Also, it is prudent to prefer those sites that would also benefit from offering your content to their users.

Directory Links

If you want to improve your trust score, you must use directories that are high quality. The links from your own websites shouldn’t be more than 10 – 15% of the total link ratio on your website. Don’t go overboard, though, and stick to a few choice directories.

Bio Links

Bio links can be obtained by guest posting or guest blogging on other websites. First of all, you need to look for quality blogs that would actually be useful to you. For instance, other education blogs, blogs offering the same language, blogs offering related languages, et al, are the best options. This is also an excellent way of getting authority links. Make sure the content is great and relevant to the website you are submitting your post to.

Resource Page Links

In order to get resource page links, you can actually analyze the citations of your competitors. Going through pages with various common links can also be a good place to start. When you find the page, your next job is to track down the page’s curator and pitch your education content to them. Understand the page’s purpose and don’t forget to follow up with the curator.
Don’t forget that content creation contributes to link building greatly. So use various infographics that are interactive to build a loyal user base. Interactive infographics also help in audience retention. If you need any more help with link building and content marketing on your website, contact us at Language Business Marketing. We offer SEO and web design which would completely change your website. Contact us now for more!

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