What a Language School Owner Should Know About SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. The term S.E.O refers to a set of techniques, strategies, and methodologies used in up surging the number of visitors to a website using the peak ranking routine. SEO’S are aimed at proliferating the prominence of websites in an organic search engine. Organic search engines are free non-paid for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
It is no secret that most people will click on the first link from a web search. The higher a website is classed on an organic search engine, the greater the chances of the user clicking on it. An SEO takes in all mannerisms of imaginative and technical elements structured at improving ranking and directing network traffic towards a site. Organic searches are still prone to conversion to high percentages, though. Their overall conversion rate is an estimated 16% and varies with the type of industry involved. The conversion rate is 6% for language schools.


The one constant thing about technology, as with all other aspects of life, is that it constantly remain changing to meet market demands. What seems like groundbreaking tech today, tomorrow always has something better to offer. Software changes are done more often than hardware changes, and this is evident even in web searches.
The internet is learning to adapt and perceive human interaction with it more openly and less technically. The growth of artificial intelligence has led to the evolution of technology that can interact on a human level. Modern search engines can understand and respond to naturally spoken searches such as “learn Spanish in the center of Malaga next to the beach” rather than “learn Spanish in Malaga”. The need for ranking is slowly replaced by the amount of content delivered by a page.


Links have remained one of the most crucial elements to an SEO. Previously, ranking was highly dependent on the number of links your page has. The higher your links, the higher up you rank. Over the years, modern search engines have learned to forgo quantity for a number of quality links.
Prior to that, a lot of links were made available to the user only to find just a couple of the included links useful. This left out a vast margin of high-quality content unexplored simply because the page in question was too further down the search engine results for the user to take a peek. The best web links are made by industry-related sites that provide insight into content they want users to find out about. Different industries are categorically arranged to provide for further optimizations of search results for each industry: Education industry + Travel industry for language school owners because we are between these two sectors.

Why do you need SEO?

The majority of users online use search engines as navigation tools to content. Some Google searches or Bing searches done every day is colossal. SEO’s offer a very exclusive experience by providing targeted results to the user. SEO’s vastly improved the chances of a user clicking on your site.

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