How to Get Students for Language School with Social Media?

Got a language school? That’s awesome. Do many people know about your school? Yes? Not sure?
How about this: Are you using social media to get students for your language school? If your answer is yes, then good! But are you effectively using social media to get as many students enrolling in your language school?
Everyone uses social media, but not many know how to maximize or leverage the essence of it in all their undertakings. We’re not only living in the present digital era; We’re also caught amid a vibrant millennial age.
Are you still feeling outdated, unconnected, and lost? It shouldn’t happen in the language school industry. You’ve got to embrace something that truly interests the millennial students and let the Generation X students strive to be on the same level with the younger folks. SOCIAL MEDIA should be your most important weapon.
We are probably very fortunate to witness a collaborative world at this time. So don’t be surprised if you meet a 21st-century learner who doesn’t want to be confined to memorizations. That learner would rather initiate to interact. Talking about this, what could be the perfect medium to reach many students? Again, it’s social media. It is still and always will!
But your language school is already using social media in all your marketing initiatives? Alright, but did you ever realize the true benefit of using social media platforms to grow your language school?
How international students did it in the past like relying on referrals from agents and academic advisers with regards to choosing a language school, no longer appeals to a great majority now. Although connections and referrals are still helpful, students now are explorers and independent when it comes to searching for and applying to language schools on their own via online.
Some English Language Schools wanted to stay ahead and become trendy, so they increased their visibility online. Not bad! They are just effectively responding to the call of the digital age — what a great opportunity to minimize dependence on agents.
Do you have what it takes to dominate the lead over your competitors who are one step behind from adapting to the changing marketplace? Language schools must know the right digital tactics to get students from across the globe to subscribe to their language programs. That is why social media is by far, the essential element to recruiting students for your language school.
Do you know the magnitude of how online social interactions can reap fruits a thousand-fold to your language school? Social media can open wide doors for potential students to learn about your language school and give them the benefit of interacting with your current students and staff.
Having relevant and constant communication with new sets of people, you’ll be dazzled with how the image of your language school starts to gain trust from the social community.
It’s obvious that social media remains to be a resource that is still unexploited waiting to be unveiled where many businesses, including language schools, haven’t even realized the rewards it can bring in terms of effective promotion.
Other than just registering an account and filling out the “About us” portion or simply posting image updates, what should language schools undertake so that their social media presence is effective enough to win prospective students?
Phase out that Jurassic traditions and start your journey to becoming a social media marketing expert, your language school deserves to have. Follow these steps to get serious about building your brand and boosting inquiries from students on social media to help grow your language school.

Do you know your target market? Be specific with your actual audience.

Who should you reach out to? This should be the focal point of engagement in your social media accounts. First, you need to find out exactly who are the right influencers and decision-makers you should entice within your social media communities.
Do you have a team? It’s time to brainstorm with them and consolidate your thoughts about which audience can derive higher numbers in terms of enrollment. You can target the recent graduates from Greece, France, and Germany, for example.
Or how about interacting with high school counselors who can recommend your language school to their seniors? If your expertise is into a language summer camp for kids, then targeting the parents is the best option.
Bear in mind – each language school has a specific niche audience unique from the rest. It can be from local, overseas, or both. Don’t you think it’s crucial to understand what keeps the students motivated, the things that concern them, and the manner they decide? Yes! That’s how it should start – by building up your social media community as a source for getting students.

A. Get your social media goals in place. Communicate it clearly!

Technology always has so much to showcase day by day and even hour by hour. This is why many people are usually lost in the never-ending advancements of social media features. Isn’t it overwhelming to see new tools and channels to engage with the audience?
Whoa, it’s as if you should be everywhere at one time. But you don’t have to! Why not clearly define your social media goals by pinpointing the paths and tricks that can be relevant to your language school.
Examine yourself. What do you yearn to accomplish on social media? Consider which outcomes matter the most. You see your goals should be specific and expressive. Include targets and timelines that are practical and manageable. For instance, you could aim for – “increase my school’s Twitter followers by 10% each month for the next three months.”
So, you see, it is easier to measure results and choose the exact methods when you have clear goals to structure your social media strategies. You’ll have a clear guide every time you come up with a new piece of content to publish, create a new account, or gauge the success of a new advertisement.

B. Your language school is everywhere in the social media world. But choose only the right channels appropriate for your audience.

Do you wish to be everywhere on social media? It isn’t actually ideal. If you try to manifest your language school all over the platforms, you’ll end up showcasing your school very briefly because you need to work your way out to populate your updates everywhere as fast as you can.
What does it suggest? It depletes the value and quality that your language school should project. You may not be able to engage fruitfully, and so your community engagement may diminish over time. And do you know the implication it can create to your prospective students? Your lack of focus clearly speaks. The audience will get confused as to what is really the thrust of your school.
Still, remember point A? Your channels are dependent on your target audience and the goals you’ve communicated in point B. Your audience group in terms of gender, location, interests, and age can tell you exactly where they are mostly on social media.
Are you looking to engage with students who want to learn different languages before migrating to a specific country? You must be visible on LinkedIn where such groups are searching for formal language training, connecting with expats, or planning for the basic migration requirements such as learning the language.
Do you wish to penetrate the society of mothers who are planning for ESL summer camps for their kids? Then choose to be active on Facebook where most users are female of middle age.
How about reaching out to newly licensed nurses who are bound to work to the respective hospitals in Australia? Try considering Instagram in one of your social media platforms. Most young skilled professionals prefer more visual engagements – and Instagram does it best!
Are you planning to target the millennials in South Korea using the gaming method? You need to get familiar with Kakao Story and keep your visibility. It is a gaming service used by the young ones in South Korea to interact locally and globally.
You can also take advantage of Kakao Story’s mobile payment feature to transact payments once Korean students enroll in your language school. South Korea, by the way, has the largest market share of students who want to learn English and another second language. It’s a great market!

C. Jump shoot into social media advertising!

Do you want to get more inquiries directly from prospects? Then you must make advertising your busiest agenda on social media as part of your recruitment strategy. Have you tried boosting your Facebook post? It won’t cost you that much in exchange for continued advertisements, and it’s going to increase your student leads ultimately.
Explore running your ads at strategic periods and events. It’s a definitive way to reach out to more prospects. Are you aware that Facebook has excellent targeting options where your ads can be seen by various and appropriate audiences?
Know how to A/B test your ads so that you get the most relevant contents that will maximize your ROI. It’s also amazing how you can target by country, age, gender, and interests if you tap on Facebook’s targeting options.

D. Perk your way up in reaching out to students and advancing your language school business.

Are you a good writer? Then wow your audience by sharing your updated blog posts, news articles, and benefits of your course programs. What a great way to increase your followers and get more students to sign up to your courses by sharing valuable contents on your website or social media pages.
You’re also boosting your brand awareness in this case. And what’s more – you can encourage your followers to share your contents with their own followers.

E. Got targeted pages? Boost that click-through.

What’s the fastest way to drive traffic to a specific page on your website and market your latest course or product? It’s still through social media. It looks like everything and everyone is on the limelight when on social media.
Science did not anticipate that there would come a time when lightning was no longer the only thing that is faster than the speed of light. It’s going viral on your social media posts, having many followers, that is now traveling faster than the speed of light.
How awesome it could be if you can take advantage of this kind of capability that social media has. So, if you have well-written landing pages, people are encouraged and inspired to follow through your events, updates, and even advice pages. Here is where driving traffic through social media becomes the most effective way to grow your language school.
Here’s an added perk – you will be able to enjoy many advertising opportunities if you have high traffic from social media platforms. The more visitors to your website each month, the more fees you can charge advertisers on your site. And hey, the greater your chance of getting more students for your language school.
Get inspirations by following these 3 ways for websites to attract higher paying advertisers shared by Tyler Bishop so that you are determined to make the most of your landing pages.

F. Live the best practice. Enrich your students’ experience!

If social media is gaining the highest traction in this generation, why not use it as your dedicated and personalized customer service? Have you observed that people expect a timely response when making queries through social media?
Know this 10 rules for responding to customers on social media, according to Nicole Klemp. You will learn helpful insights and importance when promptly responding to your prospects.
So, if you can dedicate a generous amount of time to respond to every inquiry on your social media accounts, your language school commands credibility and your image is enhanced. This is so because students are particular when it comes to priority and importance.
Encourage prospective students and parents to reach your language school via your social media pages for any queries and assistance they need and what they can expect from your language teaching services. Exceptional customer service is a result of good relationships built in advance.
Have you decided now? How do you want the world to patronize your language school using social media?

Go where the students are. Give what they want to become!

student ways
Don’t keep a blind eye with the fact that students nowadays are changing the way they select schools and find out more about it. It’s impossible to rule out social media as a pathway to get an ideal number of students to your language school.
Go along with your prospects using the relevant social media platforms and make sure to stay on their radar. Community alliance fosters trust!
Now, ask yourself at this point. How does your language school tap social media? What is your strategy? How many benefits listed above do you think you can leverage? There’s a lot for sure!
This 7 simple steps on how to create a winning social media strategy can spark great ideas for a start.
Make your audience interested in learning about the passion, goals, and achievements of your language school. Let them realize that by coming to your language school, they have already positioned themselves into your triumphant journeys. How does it sound?

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