How To Avoid Bad Leads

Some companies including language schools who have not tried Pay Per Lead are unsure how you deal with what they think are “bad leads”. Basically, the worry is that if you Pay Per Lead what happens if you get someone from a country that is very unlikely to sign up and pay for a language course with you in the first place.

Pay Per Lead generation happens online with different paid advertising tools and it is very easy to divide the quality of a new customer based on their origin of country.

There are traditionally known different tiers of countries, putting those countries in Tier 1 that are the most affluent and most likely to consume goods and request services without any major. Most advertising companies put those countries in Tier 1: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, The United Kingdom and the United States. Advertising costs are much higher for those countries, but the returns in profits and the likeliness of a sale are high as well. Different marketing networks might classify and add or remove some other countries based on their own ranking. So if you talk about “Tier 1 countries” always make sure you ask the marketing partner how they classify them.

If you are worried that Pay Per Leads marketing would return low-quality customers to you, this is something that can be easily addressed by telling the company that generates the leads for you to focus on Top 1 Tier countries only. Or – and this is often possible at a premium pricing – that you receive leads from a specific country only.

It all depends on the know-how and the quality of a lead-generating provider. If you hire the right Internet marketing experts they can target for you any country and any predetermined kind of customer.

A “bad lead” is defined by many people as a customer that is not a customer in the first place, including fake customer information. Sometimes people fill out online forms with fake information if they are worried that they get a sales call and just try to do their online research anonymously. This is something normal, so everyone who is using Pay Per Lead services will encounter such false invalid contact information. Professional trustworthy lead generation services factor this in and will gladly replace such leads at no additional costs to you.

You should however not mistake this with leads that you have gotten and have not acted to contact them as soon as your received their information. Leads that you do not follow up with very quick will turn into “bad leads” faster than you think. So it means that high-quality customers leads can turn into worthless ghost data if you are not careful about it.  

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