How Good Leads Can Turn Bad Really Quick

Have this ever happened to you: you walk into a store willing to buy something just to experience that you can’t find someone to assist you or worse: you see the customer representatives but they keep ignoring you. The classic example is also a restaurant that is open but nobody comes to your table and no waiter can be found.

This is an important lesson to understand when you chose to work with Pay Per Lead advertising. Leads – interested customers that have raised their hand saying they are interested in your language school services – that are not responded to in time will behave the same way like you do if you are ignored in a store or a restaurant.

So even the freshest lead, someone that just filled out an online form indicating they are ready to book their next language-training can turn into someone that will be highly annoyed that you contact them if you let enough time pass after their initial request.

The Internet is a tricky environment. We get bombarded with so many things and between watching a video, reading emails, checking updates on social media and getting work done with different tools and software solution most people have a very very short attention span.

The problem is simple and obvious: people do often not recall and remember filling out an online form even after 15-20 minutes after they did.

The key to keeping a fresh interested lead active and valuable is to react really fast to them.

This means not only that you need to call them the very same day they have tried to contact you, it also means you should utility instant online email marketing follow up that makes sure that this customer recalls you right away after they have requested information.

The key to converting as many leads into real customers and sales for your language school is to make sure that you closely work with your Pay Per Leads provider in a way that enables you to tune those possible new customers into your own email marketing communication system as fast as possible. The key is to combine automated follow up via email with a very fast real phone call to get in touch with your prospective customer.

Make sure that you deal with your leads correctly or they will turn from being interested in your biggest enemies. A Lead is not a guaranteed sale, nor gives it you the right to try to manipulate or force that person to buy from you.

Take this example of some of our team members who contacted an Internet Provider who has offered a special promotion to switching over to their services. After the phone call, the customer representative refused to send in the details of a possible new contract to be reviewed via email. The insisted that the contract needed to be made on the phone right away. After a frustrating 10-minute phone call the potential customer gave up and hung up.

Since then the company keeps calling for the last 5 (!) years at different often very odd times during the day and not only annoys everyone in the household but has made the companies brand into the most hated brand in their network of friends, family and work-related associates – and everyone is being told the silly annoying story. Others confirmed the aggressive behavior of the company that could have had a satisfied customer in the first place. Remember they contacted the Internet Provider on their own because they wanted to buy a service they needed, but then got totally ignored and not listened to. Now all there is a brand that will never make a sale and hurts their own reputation only.

The key to creating a successful customer relationship out of a lead is by providing valuable information for the other person to make them trust you enough to either get more information and learn about what your language school has to offer or actually book a language school service with you right away.

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