Free Publicity: Host A Fun Game Show

True effective marketing strategies are those that get people talking about your business. A lot of advertising attempts are often short-lived and not inspiring enough to get people talking about your language school though because they are simply not newsworthy or interesting enough and seem to be just “the same old same” that other language schools are offering as well.

If you want to stand out, creating an exciting environment by hosting a fun game show at your language school is a sure winner. This is a perfect platform where potential students can freely interact with your language school.
Creating a fun and interesting game show is not as hard as it might seem. The goal of the game show is raising the awareness of how important it is to speak languages and to improve your ability to do so.
So you can create a game show where people can apply to win a full language package with your school. This event is something that can be easily shared on social media like a Facebook event or as a monthly regular event on networks like

Make sure that the whole event is not a sales event and revolves around the theme “without speaking different languages you are miss out in life” instead.

Don’t make the language game show too difficult, but also do not make it too easy either. The effect of “you could have done better if you would study with us” should be present, without preaching this obvious marketing element over and over.

A Language-Based Game Show is also a perfect platform to feature your teachers, so make sure you involve the most outgoing personalities for this kind of event.

Winning prices could be organized together with other local companies by the way – make the main and attractive price language learning services offered by your school, but if you put in a mix of different other sponsors you could actually use their network of customers and fans, to get additional attention.
Depending how many people you already have on your email newsletter (a major goal for language schools should be to increase their email marketing effectiveness: read our article Forgotten Marketing Gold: How Good Is Your Email Follow Up?), you could hold a monthly drawing who is entered into the game show to participate, or you can invite people and do a live “random draw” on stage.
Not sure about how a game show would work out? You can start small if you don’t think you have the capacity to hold a monthly or quarterly game-show event. Plan one event as a try-out in connection with an Open Doors Event for example (read more about that at The power of Doors Open Days For Your Language School).

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