Free Ways to get People to your Opt-In Form

Getting people to your squeeze page is the final hurdle that you have to go through after you have learned all about the process on how to compose a compelling email without going through the spam phase.
It is the stage where various guides will suggest you to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to drive more audience to your list quickly. Be that as it may, since we are opting to the most profitable game plan in creating a list, we would instead go with the free options for the meantime.
Good thing, there are tons of free techniques that will make your viewers discover your list.

Slipways to Find your List for FREE

Build a Blog

As you are reading this section, you should already have an idea of why it is essential to have a blog for your business. It is just one of the many efficient ways to build a brand and establish authority, recognition, and trust with your market.
Treat your blog as the first step to building your sales funnel because this is how your audience can spot you. Thanks to Social Media and SEO, which are not only a valuable driving tool but are also free! They can also present your content as the most compelling and quality-packed material your viewers can ever encounter. Not to mention, email listings which can guarantee your sales boost and drive.
Don’t worry, establishing a blog will not cost you a single cent but instead will pose as an investment in the long run if you decide to improve your blog even more. You can start with a number of potent short articles, and you will just be surprised by its progress weekly. Just make sure to update it with fresh content that will interest your market.
But if you wanted to become more engaging and interactive, try vlogging. It can present a more personal connection with your visitors. You are making them feel that you understand what they wanted and what they need. This media tool can even make them consider receiving emails from you because of their interest in your content and vlog material.

Web Design

Needless to say, website design can tell a lot about the mission, vision, products, and services of a company. People will judge the purpose of your company based on your web design. With that said, before you get started with the aesthetic part, ask yourself first on what your primary objective is. Sadly, it is something that most entrepreneurs and webmasters can’t just answer, and that alone shows an utmost failure in technique and planning from their side.
The purpose of having an attractive web design is to drive people not only to your website but, more importantly, to your mailing list. If only websites had been designed purposely to go people to their page, regardless of the entry point, website viewers will still unearth your opt-in form and will eventually sign up without thinking twice.

Tools, Giveaways, and Competition

Incentives and other perks are some of the effective ways of convincing people to visit your site and sign up and join your mailing list. And if you genuinely have fabulous giveaways, these people will share their experience to help out other people. It’s like taking a blind shot loss today, yet emerging as a winner tomorrow. For example, if you have a product or service priced at $25, why not try giving it out as a one-time 24 hours free promo? That will indeed create a buzz that will potentially lead new traffic to your page. Another idea is to run a competition and encourage people to join. With detailed event mechanics, your target market might even spread this news to their friends.
These “gimmicks” will guarantee you that more people will willingly provide their details and sign up for your mailing list. With a bit of tweaking using some necessary coding and tools, it can even expand your list to a bigger one.


Now and again, the digital marketing landscape has the chance to cross with the brick and mortar sides of every company. For instance, if customers purchase from your shop, why not ask them if they want to get their receipt by email and sign up for your newsletter at the same time, right?

Utilizing LightBox or Pop-over

Finally, try using a pop-up or lightbox that will appear at the top of your blog material. It is expected to occur when someone scrolls a little down your tab. Although this could be an inconvenience, multiple reports indicate that this tactic is highly effective in regards to convincing people to sign up for lists.


What are your takeaways from this chapter?

  • Blogs combined with SEO is a sure win.
  • Your website aesthetic must direct viewers to your opt-in page or squeeze page.
  • Offering something for free as a one-time deal won’t hurt the business.
  • Collecting emails in person gives a positive impression.
  • See to it that your enterprise offers service that is beneficial to the people.
  • Adding a pop-over drives audience to sign-up.


Using the techniques introduced in this book, you will now see that it is incredibly simple to create a wide and highly focused list on a relatively small budget. You’ll do this first by ensuring that the product is on the right track and that people are very excited by what you’re doing.
Then, you get an autoresponder to build an opt-in form (free or otherwise). Place this on your website and make sure it has a double opt-in blocker and a spam blocker.
Build a squeeze website that you are using to inform.
People ought to sign up. Combine this with a bonus (freebie) but make sure it isn’t “too sweet.” The key selling point will be the content of the emails themselves!
Write excellent materials daily. Make sure to refresh your mailing list frequently. Post beautiful emails that people want to read. And then give the whole thing a boost with some old-fashioned advertising like a race or a contract!
And that’s basically all there is to it – you’re going to create a vast and (more importantly) to Focused list. Both of them without wasting a penny!

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