Why Free Internet Marketing Advice Is Like Free Language Training

Many language industry professionals frown upon the idea of offering free language lessons. The same professionals expect to get knowledge about effective Internet marketing for free.

Let me help you to solve and understand that paradox and actually to see the implications in why free Internet marketing advice is like free language training – it has indeed some great value but only as a starting point.
For over a decade I help language schools and language industry experts with their marketing needs and I myself offer regularly free helpful advice on my blog at languageschoolseo.com
There is a fine and important line to offer great value for free that helps people to gain trust in your company. Give away too much, and people will not respect you.

You don’t want to attract language students that expect to get complete language courses for free. The illusion of free language tools online gives some people the wrong impression that in fact, they might not need a language school at all.

The benefits and pitfalls in giving free language lessons are being discussed in the chapter “Free Language Lessons – A Necessary Marketing Evil?”

For now, let’s focus on the most obvious job of free language lessons: getting people interested that you can help them to achieve their goals in a fun and effective way. Like sampling food in the supermarket. You don’t expect to get a completely free meal.
And this is exactly what free Internet marketing advice is. Samples of good useful but always incomplete Know-How. Let’s be straightforward: effective good Internet marketing is a never-ending ongoing process.
Take SEO, search engine optimization, as an example. You are basically never done with it. It is not enough to create a website and a few smart descriptions along with a few links or social media accounts along the way.
It is a full-time job that helps – when done right! – you to stand out from the competition and to make your language business website be more interesting and trustworthy than others – by making it constantly more useful for real people that want to spend real money with you and that recognize all the work and value that stands behind your company.
This collection of articles on Internet marketing strategies for language schools and language businesses here at www.languageschoolseo.com are a starting point to inspire you and educate yourself to see what’s necessary and possible.
It will not magically enable you to become an instant Internet marketing expert. It will enable you, however, to evaluate and understand what needs to be done and then get work done by marketing professionals while you can focus on what you are best at – being a language professional.