How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Language School?

The digital age has created a need in many individuals to learn other languages. For those who have schools that teach language, marketing that school in a proper way can bring a large response and even better, a profit.

In researching the best marketing methods for language schools, we have discovered the top method is via email marketing. Providing a simple newsletter bi-monthly that educates the subscriber on learning language creates a desire to learn more. The first step in being able to use an email marketing system is to attain a base of subscribers through your website. What you need is a system that will attract, and convert your website visitors into subscribers. We have found 2 great systems that have proven success in this conversion process.
OptinMonster If you are using a WordPress website, OptinMonster is a conversion system that works beautifully. They have an array of methods using:

  • Page Level Targeting
  • A/B Testing
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • and more

OptinMonster allows the user to build forms that coincide with your website design.
PadiAct Padiats system is all about targeting those who show the best odds of subscribing. Once a person enters their information on a PadiAct non-intrusive popup, the info will be sent directly to your email provider. You won’t be waiting for days to know who has subscribed to your service.

Your Newsletter

Once you have subscribers, keeping the list clean and accurate is important. A system in which you automatically stay in touch with subscribers will keep them interested in the language education you have to offer.
We have discovered 2 wonderful programs that can help you stay in touch with subscribers.

AWeber has an auto-responder system that is second to none. Create welcome messages that will be sent immediately to your subscriber within minutes of their filling out the form on your website. AWeber has a wide range of structures that will fit your needs.

Mailchimp When costs are a barrier, you can send professionally made newsletters using the free system that Mailchimp offers. Mailchimp also integrates quite well with WordPress based websites. You can educate your subscribers and also offer specials on the language courses you have. Another great advantage with Mailchimp is the ability to post your newsletter in Facebook, Twitter or both. By doing so, you could also gain more subscribers who will soon turn into language learning customers.

Final Thoughts

These are all great email marketing systems you should use to market your language school. Many have free trials so you can test your results. Whether you teach Spanish, Russian, Chinese or any other language, using these techniques will gain you a large following which will result in a large profit.

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