Are Your Language Business Decisions Based On Fear?

An increasing number of potential clients contacting me for help with their language school marketing keep telling me: “I was scammed in the past and paid way too much money for marketing before.”
This naturally leads me to ask the all-important question: “Are your language business decisions based on fear?” and “What do you base your marketing decisions on?”
You might not like my insights and answers about this but it is necessary to demonstrate integrity and a clear standpoint when it comes to Internet Marketing.
So you made mistakes in the past about Online marketing. We all make mistakes every day in business decisions. Nobody is perfect. The successful people are those who failed more often than everyone else.
Being stuck in fear over past mistakes does not do any good for anyone. The problem is not having made mistakes in the past – the problem is not looking into WHY those mistakes were made.
Every business venture involves taking risks daily – calculated risks. The key is to evaluate what the risk is and what you can potentially lose when taking (or NOT taking!) the risk.
If you made bad decisions about your Internet marketing in the past it comes down to a few painful insights.
An Internet marketing service provider can only lie to you if you are yourself are not educated enough.
Unrealistic promises that can’t be met in the real world are only believed by those who are delusional.
If you got “tricked” into false hopes there are only two possible options:
A:) You wanted to eat the first-class steak for $5. It was not first-class.
B:) You paid for a first-class steak $110 and it was bad.
Here is the thing: if you do not know that the best steak is Kobe Beef and costs around $110 per pound, how could you pick a restaurant promising you things otherwise?
When it comes to Internet marketing too many people and companies believe that they can get away with paying as little as possible but yet demanding the highest quality of guaranteed results.
Let’s put things into perspective:
You can’t expect to pay someone $5 euros to write you a 2000 word article for your website that will generate $ 5000 in sales.
You can’t expect to pay an SEO company $500 one time and they “make you Number 1 in the search results”, because SEO is an ongoing marketing strategy and not a one-time effort.
You can’t expect to get 20 new language students because you paid $100 for a one time Facebook advertising campaign that lasted only a few days.
You can’t expect to pay an Internet consultant $500 to help you fix your past mistakes, expecting that person to become your full-time marketing therapist that needs to be there 24/7, responding to your emails within 10 minutes and helping you to get “guaranteed results” in less than 30 days.
Here is the never changing truth: The proof is always in the results – marketing results speak for themselves.
“Guaranteed results” is a very tricky thing to promise.
Take a look at the popular Pay-Per-Lead generation services for example. Pay-Per-Lead-Providers do all the work for you and pay for high-performing advertising on social media, Google and other search engines to find suitable candidates who are interested to book a language training with your language school.
Those Language School Leads can convert into paying customers if you immediately follow up with them in a professional way.
Leads are not a guaranteed customer that puts money on the table without interacting with you to gain trust until they are ready to buy.
This is the reason why we only offer pay-per-lead to language schools with dedicated marketing teams only. In our popular language service packages, we offer professional lead-generation through the optimization of your website instead.
Because while WE CAN GUARANTEE to generate high-quality leads for you – we can’t guarantee you a sale for every customer contact you have (nobody can guarantee you that, and that is a typical example of a “scam Internet offer” that promise you something that is simply not available in the “real world”).
Marketing skills of converting an interested customer into a paying customer FOR YOUR LANGUAGE SCHOOL is the job of YOUR language school. There is no marketing replacement for that. Not the best-looking website, nor Facebook page or any other social media can generate magic instant customers for you.
Making sales happen has also to do with the quality of your services and offers: not even the best marketing in the world will be able to conceal the fact that you have an increasing number of dissatisfied language schools students because of quality problems of your teacher, location or other elements that might be present.
A language service provider who understands that they need to make their marketing decisions based on facts and not on fears are the ones who will succeed in the end and stay in the game for good.