Why Fresh Blog Content Is The #1 Language Schools Nightmare

One of the easiest open secrets on ranking your language school well in the search engines is fresh and unique content.
While this is simple advice, it is also one of the things that are mentioned as one of the top nightmares for language business school owners of things to do online. And it understandable if you analyze what needs to be done online in order to stay ahead of your competition.
The key to successful Internet marketing and successful online communication to your customers is to spend most of your time with qualified students who are ready to travel and ready to book their next language training vacation.
So most of your Internet tasks should be automated – as many as possible.
Social media tasks where people ask you direct questions via messenger or comments or posts or answering traditional emails can’t be automated and should be the focus of you providing a personalized customer experience.
If you send out automated messages, most potential customers will feel not taken care of and “copy and paste” approaches do no longer work with the new young generation of Internet-savvy people.
On the other hand, many social media messages like weekly updates, planned events and regular meetings that are happening can be pre-scheduled and automated. A lot of content can be planned ahead: upcoming holidays and themes based on the seasons of the year for example.
What a lot of language schools try to do is to re-using content and posting links to other articles and content other relevant websites did post and provide. And this is a valid option, but a very limited one.
Because in order to appear as an authority or the best language school in your area you will only be ranking well in search engines if you provide unique (!) content that no one else is posting.
In fact, you should consider having regularly specifically designed content written for your language school that is interesting and helpful that OTHER language schools will start linking to your content instead.
If it your unique content it has also the advantage if others are using it and not quoting you as a source you can contact them to take it down if they are not giving you the credit for (which usually does luckily not happen).
So back to the nightmare task of this. Who should actually go and write this unique content for your language school? Your staff? If you clearly analyze what your staff is supposed to do – answering emails and responding to social media requests and phone calls – then you will realize that is next to impossible for yourself to produce such compelling content for yourself.
You could hire just one dedicated talented writer for your school, but that might be out of your budget.
The next best thing is to outsource it and get content done on demand. Evergreen content that is never getting outdated is worth the investment and can help you many years to come to add valuable and helpful content to your language school site.
Outsourcing your evergreen long-term content that will stay on your website for years to come is one of the most effective ways to also insure yourself against the constantly changing algorithm of Google and other search engines.
If you want to be found in top positions and be interesting with constantly updated fresh content, then you should look and consider using this service. It will pay for itself.

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