How To Be An Authority Site & How To Really Gain Customers

We already talked about this, and it is not a secret that to be highly visible in search engines, you need to work on the popularity of your website also called “improving your authority status.”

While using paid advertising online is something that you should never ignore, everything starts with having something worth to be shared with others without paying anyone in the first place. And that is where your strategy for becoming an authority site in your industry is the key.

Standing out against all other language schools that do all-the-same-the-same is easier than you think. Just rethink what the strengths of your own language school are and how unique the location is where you offer all your language training events in your area.

Create unusual and entertaining pieces of information or create short videos – involving your own students, for example. Create an online experience for potential students that reflect what your language school is all about.

Provide helpful language learning strategies that students love and share with others and make them want more by booking classes with you.

The key is to create online information that is compelling and interesting – but with a significant twist to it. Some companies fail to do that, and it makes all the difference.

It is called the rule of Incompleteness. It means if you provide something on your website, you should never offer 100% of all the information needed. Something should always be missing – and this “missing thing” can be online achieved if students will come and book a language course with you at your school.

So while you must provide useful and helpful information that enables potential students to make an informed decision if they want to book a language class with you, you should avoid giving “everything away” on your website for students to take it – for free.

A classic example of why a lot of newspapers online suffer and had to close many publishing houses is that a lot of them thought they need to put all their news and articles online for free. While the print copies cost money at the newspaper, stand more and more customers thought, “why paying for it when I can read everything online for free?”.

Publishing houses and magazines that are still around have understood that they can only afford to give parts of content away for free and then ask for an online subscription for premium content. Only with this strategy, a company can make a healthy profit that they need to have talented writers and journalists and pay them well to provide highly valuable and correct news information.

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