3 Reasons Why Relying on Social-Media Marketing Is a Losing Strategy

Social Media Marketing costs money, bottom line. However, while many business’s believe that heavily relying on social media marketing will generate business and prove rewarding; I can tell you that it is a huge mistake. History always repeats itself, and social media marketing is following SEO. While SEO marketing proved effective for most businesses it is quite expensive, and Google algorithms change frequently which could very well result in a lost investment. Reaching your potential customers through social media costs money, and the posts your business is allowed to put out has now been limited by Facebook. Social media marketing is a decent strategy, but it should not be made a priority and be heavily depended on. Social media is always changing (like SEO), and paying a lump sum just to be seen on social media should not be the only form (or top priority) of any business’s marketing strategy. Be smart and find a good balance. Spending your money on social media ads does not always generate income, but that does not mean quit. Just don’t rely, or spend a lot of money on it.
A good business attributes their marketing strategy to ensure success. A good way to do this is by creating a diverse marketing strategy. Use multiple forms of marketing. Social media should be included in as a small aspect, but should not be the main focus. Investing all of your money into something that does not guarantee success can prove to be fatal. The same with marketing, putting all of your funds towards one form of marketing may not generate the sales you need to grow and stay in business. Always have a well rounded marketing strategy.
Also, another good marketing strategy is an email list. This will ensure your customers see your ads with no cost to you. Make sure your website is easily accessed as well. This will generate sales above all. Keep in mind when using social medial to market that the people on social media technically are not your customers. Using social media as a platform is a huge mistake. The consumers are using someone else’s site, and those people running the site have control over what is seen and unseen by consumers. Having multiple marketing strategies, and not depending on social media is the smartest thing you can do, and will keep you from making the same mistake that many businesses have made previously.

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