2 Effective Tricks to Track Your Offline Marketing

Digital marketing provides ample opportunities for you to track statistics, interpret consumer buying habits, and promote your brand. You can even use the information you collect to gauge how effective your advertisements are, which in turn helps to make your future marketing campaigns more effective.
The problem is that not all marketing is online, but you can still utilize methods to allow you to incorporate offline traffic into something that you can record in cold, hard numbers.
Let’s examine two of the most effective ways to incorporate digital marketing into your offline marketing strategies.

1. Utilize a Domain Redirect

Most people love domain names because they’re short and easy to remember. They can use mnemonics to remember most URLs, which in turn makes the process of visiting a website considerably easier.
You can extend the unique advantages that domains bring into offline marketing when you use them effectively. The simplest way to do so is to use one redirected domain to measure each of your offline traffic sources.
Doing so works like this:
You have a website that’s something like www.yourwebsite.com. You then buy a domain that’s something like www.yourwebsite.net. You can redirect that second URL to the first one while still maintaining the ability to measure the amount of traffic that goes to www.yourwebsite.net before it reaches your main website.
You then print that second URL in your offline marketing. This will help you determine how many people act on your offline ads, which in turn allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your ads at generating leads.

2. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are similar to domains in that they can be incredibly short and use mnemonics to be remembered easily by consumers. This allows them to translate effectively from offline to online, which in turn makes them great for measuring statistics.
For example, you can offer a discount code in the local newspaper. You need only a way to track coupons in your online system to see how many people enter that unique coupon that’s specific to a certain piece of offline media.
This can be a great way of both fostering new business and promoting people to view your website to take advantage of other deals you might have. It becomes increasingly effective when used with businesses like language schools, as your target audience may already be familiar with the mnemonics you want to use in your coupon codes.
To take things one step further, you might even offer other promotions with your discount codes. You can even implement referral programs or host contests that utilize these codes to further foster your business.

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